How to Treat Denture Issues

Dentures can restore the beauty and functionality of your smile. If you have dentures, make sure that you keep your mouth healthy and clean. Take good care of your dentures and make sure they fit. Otherwise, you may experience the following issues: – Dentures sliding in your mouth – Trouble eating and speaking – Mouth… Read more »

Flossing: Easy to Begin, Easy to Master

Flossing is an easy chore. It doesn’t take very long to complete, and you won’t be burning many calories doing it. On top of all that, it is quite easy to master excellent flossing technique in very little time. The problem starts when we begin to slack off, and simply go through the motions, rather… Read more »

Treating Your Smile to a Healthier Halloween

With Halloween officially looming on the horizon, we advise our patients in , , to not sacrifice your healthy smile to the spoils of sugary treats! At , Dr. Scott Timmons and Dr. Justin Gangestad encourage you and your loved ones to take good care of those hard-earned smiles by balancing holiday celebrations with extra… Read more »

Are Dental Implants Right For You?

You know that a missing tooth can be embarrassing, but do you know what you can do about the problem? When you consider your options, we recommend considering the benefits of dental implants. But do you know what happens when you get an implant? Will your implant blend well with your smile? Dental implants are… Read more »

The Underlying Cause of Tooth Sensitivity Will Influence the Treatment Needed

Tooth sensitivity in , , commonly includes symptoms like pain or a sharp stinging sensation in one or more teeth when you consume hot, cold, sweet or acidic foods and beverages. Some people with tooth sensitivity also suffer from chronic tooth decay. Brushing your teeth with a toothpaste that has been specially formulated to help… Read more »

Beware the Symptoms of a Filling Going Bad

Standard fillings are intended to repair a small-to-medium-sized cavity for a long time. As time passes, normal wear and tear and the bacteria in your mouth can work to weaken the filling. In some cases, you might even be able to notice a filling is about to fall out. As a general rule of thumb,… Read more »

What is Dental Bonding?

A chipped or broken tooth is a problem that needs to be addressed, for both cosmetic and functional purposes. There are many ways to fix a chipped or broken tooth – or even ones that are discolored or shaped differently than the rest of your teeth – but one option to consider is dental bonding…. Read more »

What You Should Pack for Your Smile While Traveling This Summer

At Baxter Dental in Baxter, Minnesota, we see many people setting out to travel in the summertime. Whether you are fishing in our own Superior National Forest, or hiking alpine meadows in Switzerland, preparation is key to keeping your smile confident. To protect your oral health, Dr. Timmons and Dr. Carlson and our team have some tips to help you… Read more »

Allow Our Professional Dental Cleaning to Boost Your Summer Smile

At Baxter Dental in Baxter, Minnesota, our experienced team is excited to get your smile ready for summer with a professional dental cleaning and exam. Our skilled dentists, Dr. Timmons and Dr. Carlson have found that regular dental cleanings and exams are a fitting complement to daily at-home oral care when it comes to maintaining… Read more »

Helpful Tips to Relieve Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is real, which is why our team is happy to give you the tips you need so you can finally wash away your dental fears and feel more comfortable, safe, and relaxed in the dental chair. When you come into our office to meet with Dr. , we recommend doing the following things:… Read more »