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Did you know that one of the leading causes of oral health injuries in teens is contact sports? Contact sports are extremely popular amongst young adults and remain a highly influential part of a teen’s life. Even though sports can be fun, they can lead to numerous oral health risks if you are not careful.

Most oral accidents and injuries that arise from contact sports are derived from individuals not wearing the proper safety gear. If present, always wear safety equipment such as mouth guards, helmets, and facial masks whenever possible. This helps prevent damage to your face, neck, and jaw areas which can be damaged from blunt trauma directly to those areas.

Further risks to a teen’s oral health include mouth jewelry and peer pressure. Lip and tongue rings can lead to numerous health issues involved with the parts involved. This includes chipping or cracking teeth, infections, and choking. Additional peer pressure risks include smoking and using drugs. Keep your smile safe as a teen by avoiding any situation that could potentially lead to an oral health disaster.

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