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Are you pregnant? Do you want to do everything you can to keep your unborn child healthy and safe? If you do, you aren’t alone—but did you know that practicing good oral hygiene plays a major role in accomplishing this goal?

You see, when women get pregnant, their hormone levels rise, increasing the likelihood of gum disease. Left unaddressed, gum disease can put both child and mother at risk. Gum disease can cause your gums to peel away, allowing bacteria and germs easier access to your bloodstream. This can lead to several serious issues. In fact, researchers believe that this condition can lead to preterm labor and pre-eclampsia.

Fortunately, periodontal disease can be treated. First, our team will do a thorough cleaning and give you advice on cleaning your teeth at home. Depending on your needs, we may also advise scaling and root planing, which is essentially a deep cleaning that gets behind the gums.

Naturally, its best to prevent gum disease with proper oral care. Our dentist may recommend more thorough cleaning during your daily routine. Also, while you’re pregnant, please avoid x-rays.

Would you like more information on what you should and shouldn’t do while your pregnant? Are you interested in learning more about oral care during pregnancy? Would you simply like to schedule an appointment with our team? If so, please don’t hesitate to give Baxter Dental a call at 218-829-4207. Dr. Scott Timmons & Justin Gangestad and our team look forward to hearing from you.