Our committed dentists, Dr. Gangestad and Dr. Timmons, are happy to offer endodontics in Baxter, Minnesota, so they can fully care for the roots and nerves of your teeth.

Our team at Baxter Dental is grateful to have the special talents of providing root canal therapy and sedation dentistry. Root canal therapy is necessary when you have a tooth that is dying from decay or infection. When this happens, you will feel a throbbing pain in your tooth that will not go away, no matter what you do. We do not like to see our patients in pain, which is why we are happy to help by providing root canal therapy. We are also proud to offer sedation dentistry to those who fear the dental office. We understand that some of the dental treatments can be a little scary, and we are happy to provide a dental sedative to help you relax and stay calm throughout your time at our practice. We want you to feel completely comfortable when you are with us, and we want to make sure you have a positive and carefree dental experience.

To learn more about endodontics and how they can benefit you, please feel free to give us a call.