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Are you aware that you have a number of options when it comes to tooth replacement? Even though dentures have been around for centuries, there are many forms of tooth replacement can improve the look, function, and feel of your smile.

If you are searching for a tooth replacement treatment that is removable, dentures are a suitable choice. Partial dentures can be used to replace a few missing teeth whereas complete dentures can be used to replace entire rows of teeth. Dentures can copy the look and function of natural teeth and be easily taken out for nightly soakings and cleanings.

If you are for a tooth replacement treatment that is permanent, consider dental implants. Dental implants are tremendously durable and designed to be attached directly to the jawbone. A patent needs to have a healthy jawbone for the dental implants fit properly. With the proper care, dental implants can last for rest of your life.

You may want to think about getting a dental bridge. Even though dental bridges are not connected to your jawbone, they are also very durable since they are anchored to the neighboring teeth. Even dental implants can be used to hold bridges.

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