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What are the different parts of your teeth, and what tissues make up these parts? Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions.

Parts Of The Tooth

  • Crown: This is the visible part of your tooth that sits above the gum line. The crown creates your smile and helps you to eat and speak
  • Roots: These make up 2/3rds of your tooth’s structure. They extend under the gum line and attach to the jaw bone, giving the tooth stability as you chew.
  • Pulp Chamber: This is a hollow area inside the center of your tooth which holds the pulp tissues.
  • Root Canals: These extend the length of the roots, running pulp tissue between the pulp chamber and the jaw bone.

Tissues Of The Tooth

  • Enamel: This is the hardest tissue in your body, and it surrounds the crown of your tooth. Enamel is made of calcium phosphate and has a translucent color, even though it appears white.
  • Cementum: This is a yellow tissue that surrounds and protects the roots of the tooth. It is not as strong as tooth enamel.
  • Dentin: This yellow, bone-like tissue makes up the majority of tooth and it is located under the enamel and cementum. Its structure is porous, containing microscopic tubules that make it vulnerable to bacteria and decay.
  • Pulp Tissue: This soft, living tissue consists of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues located in the root canals and pulp chamber. The pulp tissue brings nutrients and blood to the tooth, keeping it alive.