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A chipped or broken tooth is a problem that needs to be addressed, for both cosmetic and functional purposes. There are many ways to fix a chipped or broken tooth – or even ones that are discolored or shaped differently than the rest of your teeth – but one option to consider is dental bonding.

As one of the easiest and most affordable cosmetic dentistry options, it’s a great procedure for those with minor imperfections in their smile. Although bonding is a great procedure, others may be more suited to your particular needs, and we encourage you to discuss your situation in-depth with Dr. Scott Timmons & Justin Gangestad.

What is bonding?

Dental bonding is accomplished when Dr. Scott Timmons & Justin Gangestad applies a putty-like resin to the tooth, or teeth, you want fixed. He then molds and smooths that resin until it attains the proper shape and color. The material is hardened with a UV light, and the entire process is finished in about an hour. However, if you decide to have multiple teeth treated, you’ll likely have to schedule multiple visits.

What makes it a good option?

As stated above, bonding is just one of the many cosmetic dentistry options. Bonding is a good option for people with very minor cosmetic issues, such as tiny chips or cracks in their teeth that don’t necessarily require a crown or bridge to repair.

If you think bonding is the procedure that can make a difference for your cosmetic appearance, call us today at 218-829-4207 to schedule a consultation appointment.