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You’ve probably never made the connection, but there’s actually a strong link between the health of your teeth and what you eat. Your diet plays a large role in the overall health of your mouth, but it all begins with how healthy your teeth are.

To help explain this connection, and underscore why it’s so important to keep up your great oral health, our team at Baxter Dental in Baxter, Minnesota, put this post together. Let’s take a look at how your teeth and your diet are related.

Impacts how they look

The most noticeable impact of your diet on your teeth is the impact that the food you eat makes on how your teeth appear. If you eat a diet that’s full of highly-acidic foods and colors, then you put your teeth at risk for discoloration. This obviously isn’t a huge issue, but you’d be surprised at just how difficult it is to whiten your teeth once they’ve been stained by food.

You obviously want to avoid tobacco, but coffee and tea can also stain your teeth. Try limiting – or eliminating – those items from your diet.

Enamel health

The health of your enamel is also dependent on your diet. Enamel is the outer layer of your teeth and helps prevent infection and decay. Without enamel, your teeth would rot in a matter of days. Again, foods high in acid levels will destroy the enamel of your teeth and make having tip-top oral health a difficult task.